The ARCIC, encourages students and doctoral students of Africa universities, by proposing them an accompaniment since the thesis research proposal, passing by the exploitation of its network of teachers researchers affiliated to the ARCIC and ending by the assumption of responsibility of a part of expenses of participation in the national and international scientific demonstration and also the publications of articles of high scientific quality.

  • Bridging the skills gap between academia and industry in Morocco and Africa.
  • Prepare and seek opportunities to pursue a career in scientific research abroad (PhD, PostDoc & Professor).
  • Provide support with quarterly newsletters and access to the annual consultant webinar series.
  • Engage industry practitioners with a customized publication venue for short research results, providing a valued industry-academia collaboration.
  • Create a seamless platform for independent consultants with a reference service identity
  • Develop a broad repository of resources for member career growth.
  • Collaborate with the Moroccan government on curriculum redesign.
  • Create a triple helix structure for academic, government and industry consultants.
  • Organizing international workshops and webinars for young researchers and students.
  • Mentoring for a successful thesis project.
    Training in different tools and methodologies of scientific research (Indexation, publication standards, plagiarism, etc).
  • Providing a variety of services and resources for members who are exploring or engaged in the practice of consulting under the supervision of the Alliance of IEEE USA Consultants Networks Coordinating Committee (AICNCC).