PhD Support

Ph.D. is one of the toughest phases anyone can choose to face in their academic life. Coping is an everyday struggle in itself. Many can attest to the fact that the road to that graduate diploma may be long and lonely. You will surely encounter struggles that no one but a fellow Ph.D. student would understand.

The non-completion rate of Ph.D. students worldwide is at a staggering rate. A study revealed that 3 out of 10 full-time Ph.D. students are stuck in graduate school limbo. They can’t seem to move forward from graduate school with a doctorate dissertation that, seven years since starting their academic journey, hangs in the balance.

ARCIC experts will accompany you throughout the thesis preparation process by:

  • Develop writing techniques;
  • Choosing the right newspaper to publish;
  • Provide disability support;
  • Preparing to Teach;
  • English language support.